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Easy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Wavy Bob

Lush Hair Tip:
If you Tuck one side of your bob behind your ear this will cut a lived-in, which states you care but not too much. Tong each section of the hair in alternating directions to create undone, beachy waves.

Product Tip: Use a wave spray like EIMI Ocean Spritz ($27) or TIGI’s maxed out hair spray ($30.95).


If you want to give volume to your ponytail use these tips and you will thank us for it. Great to wear in summer when it is hot outside and you want to grab your hair up, Ponytails look amazing on long hair. Two proven methods below, try them today.

Lush Hair Tip: Comb teasing method
Split your hair into sections, leave especially one on the top of your head so you can cover the hair you will tease. Grab some hair next to the one you have put aside and tease it as much as you can then add some hairspray to it. Gather all your hair in a ponytail and fix it with an elastic, and some bobby pins if needed. Loosen the hair a little bit if you need a more out of bed look.

Product Tip: Use the volume styler
Specially designed for volume FULL OF IT™ Volume Finishing Spray by TIGI is a product to add to your ponytail which creates an effect that makes others think you have a lot of hair.

Straight and Sleek

To make your haircut appear less like you’re growing it out and more like an actual style, as seen here, schedule trims at your hair salon every six weeks to keep your ends looking fresh and blunt (it will, in turn, help prevent breakage).
Product Tip: Angel En Provence Grapefruit Straightening Cream  ($42)Strengthens hair from within and leaves it straight smooth and healthy. You can complement this with a Hair Straightening Brush ($160)which will save you hours.

A Textured Ponytail

Product Tip: use INVIGO BODIFYING FOAM ($40.90) or BIG HEAD™ Volume Boosting Foam ($36) for texture!

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