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Balayage vs Ombre

Balayage vs Ombre

Let’s start off and say these are two different hair techniques but I really didn’t understand any more than that (okay I am not a stylist but I know a really good one). I thought I would find some answers so I sought out some expert knowledge from Lyndsey at Lush Hair & MakeUp a Hair Salon located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Firstly let’s start with Balayage. What is it?

Balayage comes from the French word “sweep”. Basically, its a technique used to give clients swept hair. Stylists in the hair salon paint the desired colour on small triangle sections of your hair. What the stylists are doing is give you highlights that are typically a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour.

At the same time, the bottom pieces of your hair will be left a bit darker, so that you have added movement, and dimension.

So onto Ombre, what is it?

Ombre is based on the French word “shadow.” This is where the hair colour transitions from a darker to a lighter shade. The way the shade progresses will depend on the type, length, and colour of hair. Achieving the ombre look is typically done in more than one hair salon session.”

So what are the differences you might say? One is a technique (Balayage) rather than an actual look. Ombre, on the other hand, is a look which can be achieved via various techniques, one of which is balayage.

Another thing to note is the balayage highlights do not require heat processing and can process in the air.